The Inspired In-Law Cottage is a modular, sustainable, factory-built, one-bedroom backyard cottage that supports senior independence through thoughtful design, making it possible for multiple generations to live together comfortably. Classified as an accessory dwelling unit by many U.S. cities zoning codes, it can be ordered pre-assembled or purchased as a set of construction drawings for assembly by you or your contractor. 

Price Range: 
Plans start at $2,500, Pre-Fab units starting at $61,500
Square feet: 
United States
Site Requirements: 
Land clearing - site may need to be cleared and/or prepared for delivery and placement.
Foundation - foundation options may exist, consult with your vendor, local architect or local builder.
Electrical - water and sewer hookups - many but not all homes come ready to hook-up. make sure first.
Road access - make sure your area is large and accessible enough for a large crane to operate safely.

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