How to Apply for Section 8

Learn more about the Section 8 application process in our 2 minute How-To video.

To apply for Section 8 Housing, contact your local Public Housing Authority, they can help with providing you with the right forms and beginning the application process. For additional help, contact the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Office near you, or try using's Free Section 8 Match™ Service.  

First you apply and have a Pre-Eligibility Screening to see if you qualify for the Section 8 Program.  Eligibility is based on how much money you earn, and how many family members you support.  Fill out's Eligibility Survey to see if you might qualify.   

If you qualify, you are put on a waiting list based on the size of your family.  After being called from the waitlist, you will receive a date and time for your Final Eligibility Interview.  

Once the vouchers are issued, you are in charge of finding a Section 8 rental that best fits your family.

Next steps:

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