Video Profiles in Modern Prefab

Prefab housing design and building is alive and well. Despite the housing industry having taken it on the chin from the recession, a handful of talented architects and builders are working on designing small, sustainably built, small footprint "accessory buildings" that can be added as auxiliary building (often on the same lot) to a main house.

Inspired In-Law Cottage by LarsonShores Architects

The Inspired In-Law Cottage is a modular, sustainable, factory-built, one-bedroom backyard cottage that supports senior independence through thoughtful design, making it possible for multiple generations to live together comfortably. Classified as an accessory dwelling unit by many U.S. cities zoning codes, it can be ordered pre-assembled or purchased as a set of construction drawings for assembly by you or your contractor.  ...more

Daniel Libeskind's Prefab Villa

 High-profile architect, Daniel Libeskind, 63, has designed a 5,500-square foot, two-story home, or as it is being marketed: The Daniel Libeskind Villa. Libeskinds's signature design vocabulary of bold angular, thrusting forms is found through out this design. Rejecting the rectilinear shapes common to a lot of modern prefab residential design. Except for a commission for a private home in Connecticut, this project represents Mr. Libeskind's only second attempt at residential home design. ...more

Thinking Inside the Box: Modern Cabana

Founded in 2004 by Casper Mork-Ulnes and Nick Danmer in San Francisco, CA, Modern Cabana is a private, family-owned business that builds small, prefabricated buildings. ...more

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