Find a Housing Counselor

Homeowners, get free, HUD-approved housing counseling advice before you are at risk of foreclosure. Search nationwide by zip code.

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Foreclosure Laws By State

Each state foreclosure page includes a summary of your state's foreclosure law as well as links to other foreclosure law resources.

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Foreclosure Survival Guide

Videos, tips, tools and information on surviving foreclosure.

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Housing Crisis: Help for Homeowners

What is the best way to help homeowners in crisis? To date, at least six or more major plans in the works to help homeowners -- with more in the works. Find out what is working and what's not.

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Best of the Web: U.S. Foreclosure Property Search

Are you a homebuyer or investor looking to learn about or research foreclosure properties? We reviewed the top foreclosure sites on the internet.

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Find a Homeless Shelter

Find a shelter near you. Filter your results by shelter type, including shelters for the homeless families, women-only, men-only, and shelters for teens.

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Using REITs to Find a Joint Solution to the Foreclosure Crisis

By Jesse M. Keenan, Managing Editor, ...more

Home Loan Payment Guide

The monthly payment schedule below represent initial principal and interest amounts for a 30 year loan. It is important to remember that you will have other housing costs, including taxes, insurance, and homeowner's association fees (HOA's) for condominiums. ...more

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