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3315 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA, 94610
United States
Phone: (510) 444-9788

Larson Shores Architects (LSA) is a Bay Area-based architecture and design firm with a deep commitment to inspired solutions for life transitions and multi-generational living. Joshua Larson and Carrie Shores both have unique perspectives – for Carrie, she was challenged by a serious spinal problem. While her challenge was temporary she found she was confronted constantly by daily tasks in her home that she couldn't do alone. Facing challenges reminded her of the battle she was up against and her energy went towards that and not healing. For Joshua it was growing up with a mother who was a social worker specializing in gerontology, who made it a priority to understand and respect the process of aging. With both of his parents working in nursing homes, the concepts of empathy are a part of his outlook on life and remain a vital part of his professional values.

LSA's diverse portfolio of built work includes custom homes, residential additions, mixed-use, commercial, and restaurant /retail interiors. LSA was founded on a shared passion for creating humane environments that accommodate their client's needs and express their aspirations. Their Inspired In-law Cottage is a modular, factory-built, one-bedroom backyard cottage that supports senior independence, allowing multiple generations to live together comfortably.


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