High-profile architect, Daniel Libeskind, 63, has designed a 5,500-square foot, two-story home, or as it is being marketed: The Daniel Libeskind Villa. Libeskinds's signature design vocabulary of bold angular, thrusting forms is found through out this design. Rejecting the rectilinear shapes common to a lot of modern prefab residential design. Except for a commission for a private home in Connecticut, this project represents Mr. Libeskind's only second attempt at residential home design.

As quoted in the New York Times: “I did everything in reverse in my career,” he said. “Most people start with small projects and go on to design a museum. I started with a museum.” But he says residential design is “the more interesting part of architecture". Mr. Libeskind went on to say that the villa "starts a new dialog between contemporary living and a completely new way of experiencing space".

The house will be framed using traditional timber-frame construction, with parts of the exterior clad in zinc and aluminum. With four bedrooms and four bathrooms, the villa has open spaces that flow into one another --  including a kitchen that is part of the 100-square-meter “grand room". For finishines, buyers can choose between the “Libeskind-style” interior, marked by his sharp lines and bold white flooring, or the “casual style,” which offers a “softer” look, with parquet floors and more subdued lighting.

Special features include a 4-meter-tall rain shower, a fireplace room and a wine cellar. A stainless steel staircase connects the floors.

Mr. Libeskind says he was involved in every aspect of the design, from the door handles to the kitchen layout to the placement of a barbecue area.

“It’s really designing a total work of art,” he said. “It’s not just designing a shell or something, or a shape that is iconic, but really creating an environment at every level.”

The house is designed as three interlocking structures and most of the elements will be manufactured in a factory.

The home is said to cost $2.8 to $4.2 million, depending on the homes destination. The price includes shipping and construction.  The villa home can shipped and assembled anywhere in Europe, includes a solar thermal system and a sauna.


Technical Details:
515 square meters
Building Footprint: 26m x 22m, max height 11m

Building Details:
Spacious room layout with a grand central room, 4 bedrooms, family room, multiple bath and restrooms, office and multi-purpose rooms in basement.

Wood frame construction with maximum thermal insulation and noise reduction

Structural Engineer: Martin Augenstein, Werner Zuber


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