Dr. Shimizu’s Office was built in a mountain village in the Kiso district of Nagano Prefecture. It is a two-storied wooden building stuccoed all over, the first floor of which was for the consultation room and dispensary and the second floor entirely for domestic use. Although arched entrance doorway and windows are evidently Western, no one denies that only Japan could produce such a building as this. The heroine of the ‘Life of a Woman’ novel by Tōson Shimazaki (1872-1943), was hospitalized here in this doctor’s house. She was modeled after the novelists’s elder sister. This house was rebuilt in the Meiji-Mura in 1973.

Downstairs served as a consulting room and the medicine room, while upstairs, living room for the doctor's family. Dr. Hanjiro Shimizu, a native of Suhara of the Kiso region studied medicine in Tokyo and came home after his studies and established his office in his home town.


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