This is a barber shop once situated in Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo and one of the typical shop-and-house town buildings of the late Meiji and early Taisho period. It is a simple two-storied wooden building, mostly traditional, but glazing of the shop front was a new feature in those days. On the second floor of this shop stayed the poet Takuboku Ishikawa (1885-1912) and has family from 1909, when he published his first anthology “Ichiaku no Suna (A Handful of Sand),” which immediately made him famous. He left the house in 1911 and died young in the following year. The shop was rebuilt in the Meiji-Mura in 1980. Barber’s chairs and mirrors inside the shop were brought from the Nyumura Barber Shop in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.


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