Case Study House #8, Eames House


The twin projects of Case Study House #8 and #9 ushered in a new phase of construction and design in the program with the end of the war and the new availability and abundance of building materials. The original joint design of CS #8 by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen underwent significant changes during the final phase of the project at which time Eames, along with his wife and design partner Ray Eames, made substantial modifications to the overall layout and scheme. CS #8 showcased the Eames’ singular vision and design sensibility, making the home a major prototype and influence on later projects in the program. The home consists of two adjacent double-height pavilions with one used as the residence and the other as a studio and workshop. A very modular and rectilinear exterior facade is enlivened by Ray Eames’ use of varying textures, materials and colors and the home is entirely constructed of prefabricated components including steel, glass, asbestos, and Cemesto board.

Construction Methods, Materials and Features: 
Built entirely of industrial, prefabricated components such as steel, glass, asbestos and Cemesto board according to a modular system.
Charles and Ray Eames

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