Case Study House #21


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Designed for a childless couple, Case Study House #21 by architect Pierre Koenig was located in the Hollywood Hills canyon of Los Angeles. Featuring steel framing, walls of glass alternating with steel decking and gypsum, and a ceiling of exposed ribbed steel decking, this home was one of the most minimal of the program. The immaculately detailed framework and lack of roof overhangs additionally lent a minimal severity to the home’s overall design. A utility core with bathrooms and a water heater was placed in the center and served to separate the public and private areas. Numerous reflecting pools surrounding the home utilized a hydraulic system to pump water up to the roof where it would then fall back down in fountain-like streams.

Construction Methods, Materials and Features: 
Steel and glass construction. Glass walls alternating with steel decking and gypsum, with a ceiling of exposed ribbed steel decking.
Pierre Koenig

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