Case Study House #1


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The original plan of Case Study House #1 underwent significant changes when finally built 3 years after initial publication. Wartime restrictions greatly effected material supply and contributed to the reduction of approximately 110 square meters of living space and the elimination of both a second story and long horizontal windows facing the road. The interior retained some of the original intent with a large living area embellished by a fireplace and opening onto the garden in addition to interior detailing of multiple built-in storage units. Architect Julius Ralph Davidson greatly influenced the entire program by being the first to introduce certain key elements such as the flat roof line, plywood as a suitable material for walls, and colored concrete flooring throughout all living areas. When finally built in 1948, the North Hollywood site held a compact and efficiently planned one-story house.

Construction Methods, Materials and Features: 
Standard wood frame on concrete slab. Materials such as aluminum siding, plywood, asphalt tile flooring and Formica work surfaces were used.
Julius Ralph 'J.R.' Davidson

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