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Our mission is to connect people with safe, healthy places to live. We also function as a multi-media resource for researching and learning about the people, history, ideas, technology, trends and policies that drive and shape housing development worldwide.

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Letter from the Editor

Human beings need shelter. We dream about houses. And we long for home. But home can mean many things. Homes are social symbols. They’re part of our identity. They’re comfort. They’re continuity. Homes encapsulate our history. And they reflect our psychology.

For 62% of Americans, home is a modest single-family dwelling. For one person, it could be the inside of a cardboard box perched on a subway vent. For another it's a 30,000 square foot mansion with theater, ice rink and Turkish bath.

Home, in its essence, is where we go to seek shelter from the storm, both literally and metaphorically. When we consider issues of class, race, politics, the environment and the economy, the question of how to provide decent housing for the rapidly growing world population becomes a very complex conversation, to say the least.

In the coming months and, hopefully, years, our dedicated team of editors, engineers, filmmakers, photographers, programmers and writers will be exploring, documenting and attempting to understand what is happening to housing on a global basis, as well as in our own backyards.

We’ll be looking for the people, the ideas and the stories that show how we live our lives in our built environments. Our fields of inquiry will include architecture, design, public policy, green building technology, finance, the real estate industry and the nuances of buying or selling a home.

We will examine housing of all kinds.

It’s a large task, and we will need your help. Housing.com welcomes proposals from individuals, students, professionals and academics to add to our knowledge base. Whether your contribution is an insightful comment, an anecdote, a white paper or report, or even your Ph.D thesis -- we are interested.

This is just a first step on a very long road ahead. We hope you will join us on our journey.


Peter Headington
Editor-In-Chief, Housing.com

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