Idaho Desert Home

When Jan McFarland Cox, an artist and designer, first approached the architect Tom Kundig,

Home Prices Continue Free-Fall

October data shows the decline in U.S. home prices is intensifying

In Arizona, a $103,000 Shack

A shack in Arizona with a $103,000 mortgage helps explain the economic mess we're in.

Stewart Brand: Why squatter cities are a good thing

Rural villages worldwide are being deserted, as billions of people flock to cities to live in teeming squatter camps and slums. Stewart Brand says this is a good thing.

Joshua Prince-Ramus: Designing the Seattle Central Library

A fasinating TED talk with Joshua Prince-Ramus, president and principal of REX, on the development of the Central Library in Seattle.

Home Sales Fell Sharply in November

Home sales plunged last month and housing prices fell at their fastest rate in 40 years,

Retro Bikes

Commute to work in style.

Getting Unfiltered Rate Quotes

Mortgage shoppers may often feel at a distinct bargaining disadvantage

Be a Happy Camper

Eco-Camper chic. Includes solar panels.

Where Homes Are Worth Less Than the Mortgage

In 43 states, First American CoreLogic was able to analyze data for all homes with mortgages.

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