A debate is raging in Washington, D.C., about how to deal with America’s foreclosure problem.

Crisis Explainer: Uncorking CDOs

Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch helped us in the Marketplace office understand how some of Wall Street’s complicated investment instruments led us into this financial mess. We thought his “champagne glass” explanation of “collateralized debt obligations” at the whiteboard might make it clear for you too. So we put “professor” Hirsch on video.

Movie: "The Unforeseen"

Executive produced by Terrence Malick and Robert Redford, this 2008 Independent Spirit Award winning-documentary

Internet Surveillance Video for the Home

Why pay an outside security company to protect your home when you can do it yourself?

$275 Billion Housing Crisis Plan

President Obama announced a plan on Wednesday to help as many as nine million American homeowners

Auctions Offer Deals for Home Buyers

At a recent auction, condominiums that sat on the market for months were sold for about half

This House is Made For Walkin'

A Danish art collective N55 explores nomadic living in the 21st century

Open-source architecture to house the world

2006 TED Prize winner Cameron Sinclair is co-founder of Architecture for Humanity,

Rem Koolhaas: Maison à Bordeaux

Koolhaas HouseLife is an exceptional experience of a full immersion in the daily life of one of the masterpieces of contemporary architecture of recent years: The House in Bordeaux, designed in 1998 by Rem Koolhaas / OMA.

Robotic Bricklayer

The Gantenbein Winery, in Fläsch, Switzerland, has been the prototype for an entirely new approach to bricklaying:

using modified industrial robots. Traditionally, the promise of industrial robots has been that they would replace the human workforce. But these projects, led by the Architecture and Digital Fabrication laboratory at ETH Zürich, demonstrate a different result: architects are free to create designs and patterns of a precision that simply could not be achieved by hand. Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, who have been collaborating on the project with partners Keller AG and Bearth & Deplazes, about what it means for both building and buildings, and the industry's initial reaction to a prospective army of robot builders.

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