Not Just A Box: Daniel Libeskind's New $3million Prefab Home

High-profile architect, Daniel Libeskind, 63, has designed a 5,500-square foot, two-story home, or as it being marketed, The Daniel Libeskind Villa. Libeskinds's signature design vocabulary of bold angular, thrusting forms is found through out this design. Clearly, he rejects the rectilinear shapes common to a lot of modern prefab residential design. Except for a commission for a private home in Connecticut, this project represents Mr. Libeskind's only second attempt at residential home design.

Smart grid technology startup, Tendril, gets $30M more capital.

Smart grid technology startup, Tendril, has secured a third round capital injection of $30 million

from VantagePoint Venture Partners and Good Energies. The company plans to expand its hardware and software systems and develop additional partnerships with uitlities and appliances makers.

Documentary film on Subprime crisis: "American Casino"

Director Leslie Cockburn gets to the crux of the matter, eliciting candid revelations from defectors from Bear Stearns and Standard & Poor's and other high-level players in the subprime mortgage gamble.

Higher Prices May Follow Home Sales

Sales of new and existing homes are picking up month over month, and prices may soon follow. But the crosscurrent is whether unemployment will continue to rise, says USC real-estate economist Delores Conway.

As KB Home Loss Shrinks, What's Ahead for Housing?

KB Home reported a narrower loss in the first quarter and a 26% rise in net orders.

60 minutes interview with Ben Bernanke

The Federal Reserve controls the economy by setting interest rates. But after the crash of 2008, Bernanke invoked emergency powers,and with unprecedented aggressiveness has thrown a trillion dollars at the housing and financial crisis.

Dateline Follows Police Evicting Families from their Homes

Dateline NBC correspondent Chris Hansen traveled around the country, riding along with police who were carrying out evictions, and interviewing the families who were being removed from their homes.


Mel Chin "Operation Paydirt"

''Operation Paydirt,'' by the artist Mel Chin, re-purposed one of the old Creole cottages in the Eighth Ward as a bank vault.

Ancient Shanghai Home Faces Demolition

As a result of Shanghai's building boom, a 9th-century home built during the Qing Dynasty is going down to make way for a new strip of apartments - an all too common end for old neighborhoods. WSJ's James T. Areddy reports from China.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)


Housing Keeps Crumbling

New data shows existing-home sales near a 12-year low, with prices down close to 15%.

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