$25 Billion Deal for Homeowners

 A broad government settlement with the nation's largest banks could benefit more than two million Americans. This latest effort could have real impact on homeowners who own more than their houses are worth -- but this largely depend on how effiectively the program is put into place.

American households and leaving the nest

My name is Maria. I’m part of the housing.com staff, and I'm currently based in Quito. Ecuador is a delightful little country, but there are definitely some cultural differences that have me scratching my head from time to time.

Another Drop in Housing Prices

The S&P's Case-Shiller Home Price Indices came out today. In summary: There was "further deceleration" in U.S. home prices in January and overall, the market is "off to a dismal start in 2011," according to the latest S&P/Case-Schiller Home Price Index.

Buildings Meant to Bend, Not Break

Japan has developed some of the most advanced technology against earthquakes and tsunamis. This video shows buildings in downtown Tokyo flex and move as they have been designed to do. Because of Japan's srtict building codes and the emergency preparedness of it's people, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives are saved.


Making and Mixing Compost Tea

Jeffrey Westman, co-founder of Grow Biodynamic Consulting, discusses biodynamic farming and his company's flow form system for making and mixing compost tea. Compost tea is a liquid solution made by steeping compost in water. It is used as both a fertilizer and can be a very effective method to restore and improve soil health.

Hatch Cottage, Wellfleet, MA

Cape Cod Modern Homes. Hatch Cottage, built in 1960, is one of the homes being restored by the Cape Cod Modern House Trust.

West Coast Green 2010 Andy Mannle

Andy Mannle, Education Director for West Coast Green 2010 Conference discusses this year's theme "Power of Ten" -- which celebrates the exponential change generated by collective intelligence.

What Do We Do with Fannie and Freddie? The Politics of Change

What Do We Do with Fannie and Freddie? 

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Best Web Sites for Finding Housing in London

What are the good web sites for finding housing in London?  Several people have emailed us asking this question recently. We performed an informal inquiry. Here's our list of the top six UK-based web sites for finding a place to live in London. 

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